Bulgarian Ski Resorts

Bulgaria is popular with its amazing nature that attracts foreigners in all seasons. The beautiful mountains situated here can be visited by nature lovers all year round. Yet, the lovers love to visit Bulgaria in winter, when they can enjoy the options available here for a great ski vacation.

The ski resorts in Bulgaria are preferred by thousands of tourists because of the attractive slopes, located in forested mountain regions. They are perfect for beginners as well as intermediates and provide modern accommodation and efficient lifts. The most popular Bulgarian ski resorts are Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets, but the smaller ones like Vitosha, Chepelare, and more are not less attractive.

Here is more detailed information about each of the Bulgarian ski resorts:


This mountain resort is situated on 925 m altitude, while the skiing area starts on 2000 to 2500 m altitude. This is a mountain gem that has been recently found by foreign tourists, which are attracted here by great conditions and affordable prices. The skiers will be able to submerge into the incredible atmosphere of an ancient Bulgaria town combined with the virgin Pirin mountain nature. The beginners will find some long blue runs that are appropriate for their level; while more advanced skiers can enjoy red runs that come from the top. The most advanced ones can use the black piste.


This is another modern resort located in the beautiful Rhodopi Mountain, where it is believed that the mythical Orpheus has lived. Pamporovo is situated at the foot of Snejanka peak at about 1650 m altitude. The skiers will enjoy the thick pine forests. The giant Slalom is for advanced skiers, while the beginners can use the wide slopes. They can also use the services of more than 100 ski instructors.


This is the oldest and the biggest Bulgarian ski resort well-known by foreign skiers too. It is located between 1350 and 2600 m above the sea level in the Rila Mountain. The highest peak of the country, Mousala, rises above Borovets, which is surrounded by beautiful pine woods. The pistes here reach the amazing length of 58 km, where World Cup competitions have taken place twice already.


Only 10 km from the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, Vitosha is the highest ski resort in the country, located on 1800 m altitude. The winter season provides great conditions for skiing here, while the mountain is perfect for trekking and hiking during the summer. However, tourists should be aware that the weather here is quite changeable and unpredicted. Two great preserves can be visited, Torfeno Branishte and Bistrishko Branishte.


This small Bulgarian town is located close to Pamporovo ski resort in Rhodopi Mountain on about 1100 m altitude. Here the ski lovers will find the longest run in Bulgaria, along with meadows, pine trees and snow slopes. Visitors can reach the starting point, Chala peak, which is located at 1873 m altitude, using the 2-chair lift available.


Located near Borovets, this small ski resort boasts with its beautiful nature, the good ski sport infrastructure and several ski runs. The altitude here is about 1700 m in the North-Western Rila Mountain.

Tsigov Chark

Tsigov Chark is also located in the beautiful Rhodopi Mountain, but in its western part, close to the artificial Batak Lake. Compared to the other resorts, this one is located relatively lower at 900-1100 m altitude. Sport lovers love this resort year-round, as apart from the snowsports, like snowboarding and skiing during the winter, people can enjoy summer holidays in a tent or caravan near the lake. The new run is appropriate for intermediate skiers, as well as for beginners.


This beautiful mountain resort surrounded by pine woods provides great opportunities for mountain tours and different snowsports in Rila Mountain. Tourists should visit the Park of the Dancing Bears, which is among the main attractions in the region.


This mountain resort that is among the largest villages in Bulgaria is located in only 6 km from the popular ski resort Bansko. It offers great options for active sport and health tourism. The region offers 17 mineral springs and one public mineral bath that help people restore their strengths and health.


This place surrounded by oak forests is located in the actual center of Bulgaria, shown by a modest mark. The calm and quiet mountain atmosphere in this paradise site attracts tourists all year round.


This is something more than just a ski resort. Panichishte is also a recreation center where a variety of sports can be practiced. Another spa resort, Sapareva Banya, is located nearby. The biggest pistes here are Bekyara (470 m), Ajdena (400 m), Cross-Country track that will be adapted for biathlon training, and more. Children can enjoy the specially designed Baby Ski Run.


Located in northern Pirin Mountain at about 1400 meters altitude, this ski resort is surrounded by beech forests. The skiers are served by two drag lifts to reach the ski run, while the snow is maintained by two grooming machines. Because of the relatively low altitude of 1600 m, the ski season lasts till the mid of March. Local people use this quiet spot for recreation and rest.


The picturesque region of Berkovitsa is still trying to catch up with the more popular Bulgarian ski resorts, but the plans are made for development in the near future. The plan includes construction of a cabin lift with the length of about 16 km from Berkovitsa to Kom, as well as making new pistes. Currently, the tourists will find in Berkovitsa three tourism bases and a drug-lift to the old pistes.

Besides the listed above ski resorts, there are even more great spots to visit for your winter holiday. Although they are quite smaller, compared to the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria, they still offer perfect conditions for singles or families, who long for restoration and recreation in some tranquil mountain spot. Some of these paradise places include Osogovo, Govedartsi, Momchilovtsi, Kulinoto, Smolyan, KOM, and Parshevitsa. All these places offer an unforgettable winter ski vacation at very affordable prices.