Booking Terms

All users of (hereinafter referred as “’the Site’, ‘We’), upon booking of the service through the site, are obliged to recognize and accept the present Booking Terms, regardless of whether they are Consumer – Host (‘You’) or User – Guest (‘You’). We recommend you to read the present terms carefully. The site is owned and managed by ‘Excel Holiday’ Ltd., an independent Bulgarian company with Unified identification code: 203498704, as for the acceptance of the booking, these conditions are additional to the General Terms of use.

  1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1. By accessing our Website and/or using its services as a User – Guest or User – Host, you agree to be bound by these conditions, which you confirm that you have read and understood.

1.2. reserves its right to change, modify or alter these terms at any time at its sole discretion. Each User understands and accepts as his own obligation to inform regularly for the changes in the current terms, by revising them.

1.3. By using this site as a user, you agree that publication of new or revised terms is a constructive notice for any and all edits and changes. Your explicit confirmation and consent for these changes and new conditions, is the act of logging into the Website and the continued use of the service offered by

The present terms are written in Bulgarian language in Bulgaria (BUL). Any translated versions of these booking terms and the conditions of use are for the convenience of users, as the Bulgarian version shall prevail. The legal regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria in force will be applied in case of any disputes regarding its content and interpretation.

  1. Our role

2.1. As users of you understand and declare that you are bound by the general Terms and Conditions of use of this site. You agree that it is advisable to carefully read these Terms and Conditions in your capacity of User – Host or User – Guest. You should pay particular attention to the sections that specify your obligations. Please, bear in mind that the site is simply a platform that allows users to connect with each other with the purpose of concluding deals for consumption of certain services. As users, acknowledge and agree that is not a party is these deals and therefore the site is exempted from any liability arising out of or related to these deals, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

2.2. You acknowledge and agree that acts as a travel agent in connection with the provision of the services you offer, which is not party in the concluded deals and does not offers its own rent services, accommodation, travelling, rent-a-car or others as described in the General Terms of use. For this purpose and under these circumstances, you agree and acknowledge that acts as an agent or intermediary on behalf and for the account of each User – Host according to the General terms of use, as our main task is to facilitate the conclusion of deals between the users – guest and the Host, as we aren’t and we can’t be in the role of host. reserves its right to modify and make changes to these rules and General terms of use and then apply them.

2.3. As stated in the General Terms of use of, our only obligation is to facilitate the access of users to the Site, with the purpose of advertising of certain services, presented by themselves. Our website serves as a platform, so that the registered Users – Hosts can offer specific services, by generating offers for all Users – Guests who have decided to organize their trips and holidays in Bulgaria. Users – Hosts can be owners of property, duly authorized people who are entitled to operate such services, managers of professional organizations or commercial companies. That’s why, we are not party in the actual deal between the Parties and besides the Site, our responsibility is to provide all contact details, so that the there can be communication between the parties. The legal side of the deal for the provision of services between the User – Host and the User – Guest ought to follow the terms that are described in details in the confirmation of the booking form on the Site, as stated in the General Terms of Use. Hidden service deals between the parties exempt from any liability for consequences arising out of or in connection with their execution. As a User – Guest, you understand and agree that if you conclude a service deal, which is offered through the site, you won’t have to accept the terms, rules or limitations imposed by the User – Host, other than those, who are already and for which you have already confirmed your booking.

2.4. accepts no responsibility for the condition and quality of each service, which is listed on our website. As stated in the Terms of use on the site, we make recommendations and confirmations of registered Users – Hosts. We don’t and we can’t have control over the behavior of the Users – Hosts on the site and the services offered by them, as for example, intentional errors or omissions in the description of services, for example.

For this purpose, As Users–Guests, You acknowledge and understand that has no obligation for the quality and level of services offered and you make bookings under these conditions at your own risk.

  1. Booking

3.1. Each User – Guest can book a service which is offered on the site by following the steps of this process stated on the site and by clicking on the appropriate button or by clicking on the link for confirmation of a booking of by using your profile or e-mail. It is important, that every User – Guest who carefully verify the entered information for errors and to correct them before the confirmation of the booking, because once you click on the button or link, the errors in the data can’t be corrected.

If, during the process before confirmation, the User – Guest decides that he does not wish to continue with his booking request, he must close the application.

3.2. After the request for the booking on is done, we will notify the User – Host by email and by message to his personal account, so that he can accept or reject the request for booking. Each User – Host is required to confirm or reject the booking within 36 hours of receipt of such request and after that the request of the booking is automatically terminated. If the request for booking is accepted through the site by the relevant User – Host, you, as User – Guest will receive an automatic e-mail of confirmation of the confirmed booking and the contact details will be exchanged between you the parties.

For this purpose, the payment process described in article 4 below is also applied upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

3.3. Once the contact details are presented to the parties, all communication regarding the details of the deal for the service provided, must be done directly between the User – Guest and the Guest – Host through our Website with the help of the team of, where necessary or applicable.

3.4. For users’ convenience, the site offers its services translated into Bulgarian, English and Russian and if you wish to make a booking, you can change the language of the site yourself. Access to information regarding the confirmation of your booking request will be sent to your personal profile.

3.5. Upon receipt of confirmation of booking, each User – Guest enters in direct contact and contractual relations with the relevant User – Host. Under the present General terms of reservation, until the payment by the User – Guest through the site Guest is not made, the User – Host is not obligated to provide access to any service or guarantee a booking. However, when issuing a confirmation of booking, the User – Host is obliged to comply with stated terms and parameters in the confirmation of booking.

3.6. Each User – Guest, who makes a booking is responsible and obliged to pay the relevant price for the selected service to the host party in the person of the User – Host according to the present General Terms of booking and all other specific terms and conditions negotiated between the parties. In order to ensure the collection of this payment, the User – Guest will have to present information about his payment card and billing address during the booking process. will also obtain authorization for your payment card in order to guarantee that you have the necessary amount of money for the payment of the deal’s obligations. If the request of the User – Guest is confirmed by the User – Host, then the payment process of the site described in Section 4 below will be applied.

If, for some reason, the booking is canceled or revoked after payment with your card, according to the present General Terms of booking and the reasons for cancellation of the booking, your money will be refunded within 30 days if you don’t contact us and request an earlier refund.

3.7. If you cancel your booking as a User – Guest, the regulations and the refund levels described in article 5 in details will be applied to you. Please bear in mind that your money will be refunded after the final deadline specified in the Rules of cancellation and refund, selected by the relevant User – Host. It is very important not to forget, that the fees of showed below are not refundable.

3.8. All cash amounts of Users – Guests that are collected and received by the site for booking of services, are subject to conditional liability to Users – Hosts. That money is kept by and transferred to a designated account of the relevant User – Host, after deducting the fees and remunerations of the Site.

  1. Payment

4.1. Each User – Guest acknowledges and agrees that he will pay an amount equal to the fees, which are shown in the listed offer of the relevant User – Host, if he decides to make a booking for a specific service through the site The fees are the sum of three basic components:

(1) The price of the service and all the additional fees are determined solely by the relevant User – Host. Besides the price of the service, each User – Host may require fees for additional services (they are not obligatory) which are not included in the price of the basic service which you pay for the booking. For more formation about these additional fees, please carefully read Section 8 of the present Terms of booking;

(2) Maintenance fee of the site, which is based on a percentage of the fee of the relevant User – Host is usually between 10% and 20% and is added as a surcharge on the basic price for the service;

(3) The administrative fee for processing of payments of the User – Guest for booking service through the site is 3.3%;

The fees for the site are added to the price of the service by the User – Host and together they form the total amount which must be paid by the User – Guest. All paid fees are tax applicable and include VAT. Please, bear in mind that when paying the booking service, the fees of are defined in article 2 and 3 and are non-refundable.

4.2. collects the payment from each User – Guest which is equal to the sum of the price of the service and the fees of the site as soon as the relevant User – Host sends confirmation for the request for booking. As a User – Guest, you acknowledge and agree that each User – Host has 36 hours to accept or reject the request for booking.

4.3. Each User – Host determines the currency in which the relevant payments have to be done. The site can display the prices of services in different currencies for the convenience and of all users. is free from any responsibility for whatever additional fees collected from exchange rates, which are for the account of the User – Guest or requested by his bank.

4.4. As stated in the General terms of use, start paying all the net cash sums to the relevant User – Host up to three (3) working days from the fixed date of consumption of the booked service by the User – Guest and after deduction of the fees due (commissions) of the site. We reserve our right to pay you in installments, if the consumption of the service exceeds 21 (twenty-one) calendar days.

4.5. As a User – Guest, you agree and authorize to receive your payment made with a payment card (directly, indirectly or through a third party) upon confirmation of a booking of a service by User – Host. You understand and acknowledge that the total amount of payment includes the cost of the service, the service fee and the administration fee of the site. You also agree that there are additional services (they are not obligatory), the cost of which was previously mentioned in the offer on the site and it is not included in the basic price of the service. Depending on the consumption, these amounts will be paid directly to the relevant User – Host upon arrival on site.

4.6. Payments are made by one of the methods and ways of the site, as the currency fixed in advance by the host party – in this case that’s the relevant User – Host. Payments in cash or by check will not be accepted and therefore can’t be held responsible for loss of money by either party. As a user, you will be asked to provide the usual payment information such as name, billing address and specific payment. As a User – Guest, you understand and agree to pay all amounts due at the confirmation of the booking, regardless of whether this service is available from a third party through your personal profile on the site. It is your responsibility to take all measures in order to ensure the safety and access to your personal profile in the site against misuse by unauthorized persons. If you suspect or discover misuse of third parties, please immediately inform for this and your account will be blocked.

4.7. In case of occurrence of certain circumstances mentioned in paragraph 4.6., during the confirmation of a booking, during processing of the payments or at any other time after that, or the relevant User – Host may request from you as a User – Guest to provide them with some proof of your identity. If you refuse to present such proof, reserves its right to cancel any booking made.

  1. Changes and cancellations by User – Guest

5.1. If a User – Guest wishes to change his booking, he has to connect directly with the relevant User – Host through the site and to discuss the possibilities of such changes. You understand and agree that the booking terms are already agreed in advance and confirmed, therefore each User – Host is entitled to ask for additional fees for making the appropriate changes.

5.2. Each User – Guest may withdraw their booking at any time, in accordance with the rules of cancellation selected by the relevant User – Host. According to these rules, your money will be refunded and it is very important to pay attention to the term that our fees are non-refundable. In case of force majeure circumstances which request the cancellation of your booking, please contact directly with in order to discuss your personal terms of cancellation.

5.3. The terms of cancellation protect both parties in case of cancellation of a booking. Each User – Host has the right to choose from three (3) types of cancellation rules, which are described below and which will also be shown on the website and e-mail confirmation of the booking. It is recommended for each User – Guest to carefully read these rules before confirming his booking.

Last minute:

  1. For cancellation of a booking up to two weeks before the date of consumption of the service, the user gets 85 % refund (after our fees are deducted)
  2. For cancellation cancellation of a booking up to 1 week before to the consumption of the service, the user gets 42.5 % refund (after our fees are deducted)

* A correctly filed claim is that claim which is made by 12 noon (CET+2) on the same day


  1. For cancellation of a booking up to 1 month before the consumption of the service, the user gets 85% refund (after our fees are deducted)
  2. For cancellation of a booking up to two weeks before the date of consumption of the service the user gets 42.5 % refund (after our fees are deducted)

* A correctly filed claim is that claim which is made by 12 noon (CET+2) on the same day

Early cancellation:

  1. For cancellation of a booking up to 2 months before the consumption of the service obtains a refund of 85% of the funds (after our fees are deducted)
  2. For cancellation of a booking up to 1 month before the consumption of the service, the user gets 42.5% refund (after our fees are deducted)

* A correctly filed claim is that claim which is made by 12 noon (CET+2) on the same day

5.4. If a User – Guest books and subsequently cancels the booking before the deadline, stated in the preliminary cancellation rules chosen by him, he is entitled to free cancellation and will receive 100% of the booking, provided that there is no actual payment.

5.5. If a User – Guest books and subsequently cancels the booking after the deadline stated in the preliminary cancellation rules chosen by him, he won’t receive money paid for the booking.

5.6. Each User – Guest makes sure that he is familiar with the General terms of cancellation and refunding and he understands and agrees to bear the consequences. Please note that all fees of are non-refundable and they’ll be withheld in all cases, regardless of the terms of cancellation of the booking.

  1. 6. Cancellations by User – Host

6.1. The basic rule is that a User – Host should not cancel a booking that has already confirmed, because in this way he has already entered into contractual relationships with the User – Guest. If, however, force majeure circumstances request cancellation, he must immediately contact in order to discuss which of the General Terms of cancellation and refunding will be applied. Each User – Host makes sure h id familiar with the General terms of the cancellation and refunding and he understands and agrees to bear the consequences.

6.2. will assist each User – Guest whose booking has been canceled and we will provide information and contacts of Users-Hosts for alternative services but without any obligation. As a User – Guest, you acknowledge and agree that payment of cancelled booking must be applied to an alternative confirmed booking. In case you haven’t found a suitable alternative service provided by the User – Host, your money will be refunded in accordance with the Terms of reservation at the time of cancellation.

  1. Cancellation by

We, at reserve our right to cancel any booking at any time for security purposes, prevention from fraud or in accordance with our terms of cancellation and refunding. In these cases, the policy and cancellation rules will not be applied. In these cases, the relevant User – Host will not receive any payment for cancellation of a booking and when a payment is necessary – all the money will be refunded in the card used for the booking by the relevant User – Guest.

  1. 8. Additional fees

Each User – Host can offer additional services or impose a requirement for additional refundable deposit which will be a guarantee for his property. These services must be explicitly stated and fixed in the relevant offer at the time of the application of the booking of the basic service by the User – Guest. The prices of these additional services are not included in the total price of the booking service and must be additionally, directly between the User – Guest and the Guest – Host, as previously negotiated. As stated in the Terms of use of the site, will not bear and rejects any liability in respect to claim or claims related to or arising from such additional fees and payments between the parties.

  1. Claims, our responsibility and our obligations to you

The responsibility of is limited to the amount of damages that can be foreseen at the time of signing the contract between the User – Host and the User – Guest, which is a form of individual act between them. As parties in this contract, you understand and acknowledge that we don’t accept any liability for unscrupulous or purposeful non- execution of the obligations under this contract, which obligations are different from the stated ones in the above mentioned Terms of booking. Each User is obliged to take the necessary measures in order to prevent and mitigate the damages.

Our responsibility to the User – Guest

In case that during the consumption of a specific service a problem occurs, you should immediately inform the relevant User – Host, because the contract is concluded directly between you as parties and any subsequent claims or takings must initiated directly against him. You can decide how to deal with the problem at your own discretion and any claims beyond these Booking Terms and our rules of cancellation and refunding will be the of the relevant User – Host.

In the fullest extent permitted by the law, will reject any responsibility regarding any User – Guest, except in the cases where your legal rights as a user of this site are affected.

Our responsibility to the User – Host accepts liability only for injuries, illness or death if the same is caused by our own negligence, but also responsibility concerning your legal rights as a user of this website, which you may have against us, only in cases which can’t be excluded or limited by law. Any claims, actions or takings arising from the unscrupulous actions of a User – Guest must be directly addressed to him.

Exceptions and Limitations can’t take responsibility for any damages, losses, delay or inconvenience caused by circumstances which are beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, military coups, riots, civil unrests, political acts, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, closing of airports, bad weather, interruption or failure in one of the programs. We reserve our right to cancel any booking under the influence of such circumstances.

Our obligation in connection with the present Booking Terms and for all the booking made through the site is limited to a maximum of three (3) times the value of the particular booking in question. This restriction does not apply to cases that have to do with death or personal injury caused by our negligence nor our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation nor any other liability which can’t be excluded or limited under the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

To the extent permitted by the law, as a party we are excluded from: all terms, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be defined as law, common law or equity; any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user in connection with the site, any websites linked to it and any content or other materials published including loss of income or revenue; loss of business; loss of profits or contracts; loss of anticipated savings; loss of data; and loss of reputation, whether caused by prohibited injury (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable.

  1. Minimum quality standards and Refund Policy follows very strict rules of cancellation and refunding, which form part of these Booking Terms and they ought to be read carefully by absolutely all users of the site.

  1. 11. Behavior of User – Guest

11.1 As a User – Guest, you agree and assume responsibility for the correct execution of the contract of consumption of services with a User – Host on your behalf and on behalf of all the users in your group. has no obligations regarding the compensations or additional costs that have incurred as a result of your unscrupulous behavior or purposeful non-execution of the contract with the User – Host, which in his opinion, may also be preliminary terminated.

11.2 If during the validity of the contract for the consumption of services you purposefully cause damages to the property of the relevant User – Host, then you are obliged to fully refund the value of the incurred damages to the person concerned. Also, you agree to indemnify with the full amount of each laid claim against us by a User – Host or any third party arising as a result of your negligent actions.

  1. 11. Nullity

If a court or other authority of competent jurisdiction finds or announces any of the provisions or part of a provision of these Booking Terms for illegal or unenforceable, the same will be immediately deleted from these Terms and the rest of the Booking Terms will be applied in such a way, like the deleted provision has never been negotiated or never existed.

  1. Assignment

As users, you don’t have the right and you can’t transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Booking terms without our prior written consent. has the right and can transfer some of the rights or obligations under the present booking terms to third parties at its own discretion, without your prior written consent, in your capacity of users of this site.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1 These Booking Terms and all matters arising out of or related with them (including non-contractual disputes or claims) ought to be interpreted and resolved in accordance with the laws in force of the Republic of Bulgaria, as far as these laws do not contradict to the applicable obligatory law of the country you are a citizen of, such as local laws on users’ protection.

14.2 Any claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with these Booking terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bulgarian courts. If you are a user, you, as a party can choose to lay a claim in the courts of the country of which you are a citizen, but these claims should be declared void if they don’t meet the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

  1. Additional questions

If you have any additional questions regarding these Booking terms, please contact by using one of the following ways of contact:


‘Excel Holiday’ Ltd.
Mobile phone: +359 878 7171 19

‘Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius’ str. 26
Sveti Vlas 8256, Bulgaria